Last Mile Solutions

Take control of your last mile logistics and improve the experience you deliver your customers. Yellow Express specialises in providing you with in-house last mile solutions, tailored to the needs of your business.

As Victorian businesses evolve, so do we.  We’re uniquely equipped to assist you with your eCommerce last mile fulfillment.

Insource without the overheads

One of the biggest grievances with bringing last mile transport in-house, is that the business will need to spend heavily whilst loading up their assets with logistics infrastructure. However, the Yellow Express fleet is more than capable to supply you with drivers and vehicles on a permanent basis, allowing you to attain the added control of in-house transport, whilst avoiding the additional costs associated with it.

Improved customer experience

The additional oversight gained from bringing your fleet ‘in-house’ will greatly impact the face-to-face service you’re able to deliver. For many eCommerce shoppers, the only physical interaction they have with you is collecting their goods at their door. Additionally, you’re able to give much more accurate estimations in regards to delivery times, as the intermediaries are removed. Don’t rely on third parties to deliver the standard of service you expect, take back control by insourcing your fleet through Yellow Express.

'Ugly' freight last mile

Packaged ‘lightweight’ carriers generally struggle to fulfill eCommerce deliveries of ugly and bulky freight. With more consumers moving to online shopping, there’s an expectation that larger items like white goods, gym equipment & furniture should be delivered to their door. Yellow Express has the fleet and capabilities to manage your last mile ‘ugly’ freight, in a cost-effective manner.

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