At Yellow Express, we work with some of Australia’s best known retailers and consumer brands, tailoring specialised logistics solutions to the individual needs of their store networks.
Retail is a fast moving environment that requires logistics tailored to the exact needs of the customer. We’ll work closely with you to deliver the right solution.

Timed around your schedule

Retail environments rely on the smooth flow of customers at peak times throughout the day, deliveries should never interrupt that. At Yellow Express, we’ll design custom delivery schedules to suit the exact needs of both retailers and brands restocking these outlets – whether it’s mornings, afternoons or after hours.

Retail restocking on demand

Demand for particular products at a retail level can vary greatly from location to location and brands need logistics solutions that are flexible enough to quickly respond to demand fluctuations. As well as bulk consignments to retailers, Yellow Express offers ad hoc fulfillment services in response to sales volumes at a range of retail locations. We can pick up from your distribution centres and ship direct to store as required to ensure the seamless flow of stock to your retail network.

How leading brands are using our retail solutions

A beautiful result for L'Oréal

L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty products company, selling everything from hair care products to perfumes.

L’Oréal is a fast paced business, shifting constantly to meet the demands of retailers and their customers. This means we’re always at the ready with a flexible fleet that can be adapted to their needs.  Yellow Express provides regular bulk consignment of L’Oréal products to major retailers across Victoria. We also service on a needs basis in line with changing stock levels at each individual retail location, field sales stock is collected and returned to head office.

The right way for Kathmandu

Kathmandu are a leading retailer of camping and outdoor gear. Yellow Express designed a bespoke delivery service to correct a restocking problem within their store network.

Previously they were struggling to have stock delivered  on a consistent basis, sometimes only reaching stores as they were closing for the day. This was leading to stock shortages during opening hours which was negatively impacting sales. Yellow Express tailored a solution to their problem, by designing a set of runs that are consistent each week, store managers always know when to make their orders and when those orders are going to arrive. Each store has an agreed two-hour window in which they can expect their items delivered. The volumes and vehicles sizes change as required, but optimal timings remain the same. Ensuring that shelves are always full when customers are in store.

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