Using technology to ensure Chain of Responsibility compliance

At Yellow Express, the safety of our clients, our team and all recipients is paramount to our operation. We ensure our drivers are well-trained, knowledgeable of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulations and only operate safely, within the bounds of the laws set out by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Assisting us in maintaining a safe and compliant fleet, is our industry leading driver application that tracks, notifies and enforces CoR regulations.

Investing in technology to protect us all

To stay ahead of the curve in maintaining a fully compliant operation, we believe it’s imperative that we continue to utilise industry leading software, that reinforces the training provided to drivers and ensures standards are met.

We have an extremely close relationship with the software developers who have built our system, this allows us to constantly improve the software and adapt it as regulations change.

This investment benefits everyone involved with Yellow Express by minimising the risk of CoR breaches, along with mitigating potential consequences if a breach does occur.

Real-Time Fatigue Tracking

Our fatigue dashboard and individual driver report provides a clear snapshot of the status of each of our drivers. All operations staff monitor this throughout the day for reasons listed below:

·        Drivers breaching their fatigue requirements, whether that be Standard or Basic Fatigue hours.

·        Routing and planning ahead with the correct allocation of jobs. This is a great tool that now eliminates the chance of our operators allocating work to drivers that may run out of working hours.

·        We receive a GPS co-ordinate for driver Break Start & Break End. This eliminates any chance the drivers have of working or moving their vehicles during their breaks.

Driver Fatigue Dashboard

Individual Driver Report

Maintaining Accountability via The Driver App

·        Drivers must take a photo of their restrained load prior to departure. Our app will not allow the Pickup Depart to proceed without this photo or photos being taken.

·        As with the Pickup Depart, the app will not allow a Delivery Depart without a photo being taken of any customer signed paperwork relevant to that particular job.

·        Drivers receive an audible alert 15 minutes before their break is due and another at the time it is due. If a break has not commenced, they are quickly followed up with by our fleet controllers. Note: the remaining time before a break is due, is displayed on both the app Main Menu and within any job a driver is doing.

·        The system also allows our drivers to take their breaks at any time throughout the day (minimum 15 minutes). It will then automatically recalculate when they are due for their next break.

Each driver must complete their Start Work action which will then direct him for their Fit For Duty questionnaire, this must be completed and signed prior to the driver getting access to our app and starting their day.

Fit For Duty Questionnaire

Chain of Responsibility regulations not only affect transport companies, but in fact have a profound impact on all parties involved with moving freight. This includes consignors, consignees, and the recipients of freight. 

It’s important that all those involved either indirectly or directly with heavy vehicle transport, understand their CoR obligations and the potential consequences for breaches of regulation. For more information please visit: Chain of Responsibility | NHVR